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DMM Technology Corp. is devoted to the research and development of advanced servo motion control products. Within our 20 year history, we have achieved numerous patented technological advances in the automation industry and have integrated these technologies into our products. These achievements have allowed us to expand the limits of AC Servo application and have attributed our products with an unprecedented combination of performance, reliability, and cost.

All technology used in our products are developed by our in house engineers who utilize smart thinking and smart solutions to simplify the servo control mechanism while maintaining a high performance and full-featured product.

Our products have proven themselves in many manufacturing, and automation industries for worldwide applications. We are also able to collaborate with users to develop new, or modify existing systems in order to meet and exceed the target requirements. We integrate smart technology into an industry proven package.

Visit our Core Technology section to learn more about our technical specialty.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Performance and reliability are critical to industrial automation. We design each product to high specifications and utilize modern resources combined with proven technology to achieve these targets. Reliability and efficiency are critical considerations from the initial scope through each development stage and down to every detail. Performance specifications can be achieved in multiple ways - DMM products incorporate the most efficient and reliable solution.

Every step of the manufacturing process starting from component selection and sourcing is done in-house and only the highest standard discrete components are approved into the final PCB. Each major level of production receives a standardized QA test to check for performance. Any problems with manufacturing is traced back to design stage to pin point the issue and the problem is resolve from the root.

We strive to promote and expand the automation industry by constantly investing in the research and development of new and improved technologies. Our world-class engineering background allows us to offer motion control products optimized for every application. Let us solve your motion needs today!

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