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ABS-14 Absolute Encoder

The ABS-14-0 absolute magnetic encoder features 14-bit [16,384ppr] resolution and fast update frequency for all application feedback requirements. The non-contacting measurement technology eliminates coupling errors and maintenance needs. Data can be read through serial communication or using DMMDRV program.
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Current as of: Dec 2015  


  • Non-contacting rotary measurement - Eliminates coupling error
  • 14 bits [16,384ppr] resolution, 12 bits [4,096ppr] accuracy
  • Single turn absolute feedback
  • 100us data update frequency - serial position
  • High mounting tolerance - auto position calibration
  • 6,000rpm max speed
  • +5VDC, 60mA operating supply voltage
  • Fully sealed after mounting, robust to environmental shock / vibration
  • Small size


  • Robotics Position/Kinetic Feedback
  • Small / Medium Capacity Servo Motor OEM
  • FA Machines
  • Medical Machines
  • Packaging Machine


ABS-14-0 Specification - 09/07
*Contact us for ABS-14-0 mounting and tuning manual.

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