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Plug and Play AC Servo solution includes all components needed in the multi-axis system - significantly reducing design and set up time. Industry standard communication allows direct interface and expansion with external components for highest system efficiency. Featuring Charge Pump, Emergency Stop and Proximity Sensor ports, the DMB4250-8B breakout board ensures high safety level for both operator and machine. DYN series servo drives guarantee high precision, smoothest motion and reliable performance for the future.

Industry standard interface allows versatile expansions and component flexibility. Low system cost allows high performance DMM servo system to be used in all applications.

Application Examples

  • Machine Tool / CNC
  • Mill, Router, Plasma, Lathe, Waterjet
  • Suitable for new builds, repairs, retrofits
  • OEM Robotics
  • Arm / Hand / Delta
  • Multi-Axis Automation
  • Linear Stage / XYZ Positioning Table

Documentation and Media
CNC Package Set-Up Instructions
(Part 1. Core Components)
CNC Package Set-Up Instructions
(Part 2. Optional Third-Party Controllers)
Centroid Acorn Setup Demo

System Diagram


Please contact us for detailed system parts and quote. Visit our Online Store to directly purchased the CNC packages.

Sample 3-axis 0.4kW DYN2 AC Servo Package:
Part Part Number Description Unit Price (USD $) Qty. Total
(USD $)
AC Servo Drive DYN2-TLA6S-00 Applicable Servo Motor Capacity: 0.4kW - 0.75kW 172.00 3 516.00
AC Servo Motor 640-DST-A6TK1 0.4kW AC Servo Motor 60mm Frame 16-bit Encoder 180.00 3 540.00
Breakout Board DMB4250-8B   141.00 1 141.00
DC Power Supply S-1K0-48 Input: 110~240VAC 17A Output: 48VDC 20.8A 316.00 1 316.00
Encoder Extension Cable
CAEN-LH3-TSP 3meter Encoder Cable 29.00 3 87.00
Motor Power Cable
CAMP-LH3-SSP 3meter Motor Power Cable 37.00 3 111.00
Parallel Port Cable
CA-25DBM-6A 6ft DB25 Parallel Port Breakout Board to PC 16.00 1 16.00
USB Cable
CA-DMUS-6AB 6ft USB Type A to Type B Breakout Board to PC 14.00 1 14.00
Servo Drive Control Cable
CA-MO512-2H 2ft Breakout Board to DYN2 Servo Drive 18.00 3 54.00
Proximity Switch HW-04-NPS Inductive Proximity - 5mm, Non Contact, LED Indicated 18.00 3 54.00
Emergency Switch HE-04-RMS E-Stop Switch 16.00 1 16.00
Servo Drive Tuning Cable CA-MTUSB-FR1 USB to Molex 7pin Dyn drive tune up cable 40.00 1 40.00
DYN Servo Drive Software --- * Free Download -- 1 --

      System Total: $1,905.00

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