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DYN232M / DTPU Serial Communication

1. Concept
The DYN232M communication is a serial protocol that can be used to access the DYN servo drive to modify parameters, drive/motor status and send motion commands. The datapacket length depends on actual data length, so communication is always working at fastest cycle speed. A variety of function and motion libraries are built into the servo drive.

Serial networking is also supported for up to 64 axis independent, coordinated or synchronized motion control.

2. Features
  • 1 ms command cycle time
  • 4~7bytes per data packet
  • Servo drive built-in S-Curve generator
  • 32-bit Multi-Turn absolute encoder data
  • Simple serial data structure
By DYN232M serial command, the user can:
  • Read/Save servo drive parameter
  • Read servo motor absolute position
  • Read servo motor current/torque
  • Run S-Curve profiles (Absolute/Relative)
  • Run 2-axis linear coordinated motion
  • Run 2-axis circular coordinated motion

3. Dynamic Target Position Update (DTPU)

The DYN servo drive's S-Curve trajectory calculation and execution is one of the most advanced in the industry. Conventional trapezoid or S-Curve commands must wait until the first or current command has completed before executing the following one. This limits the rate at which the motor position can be updated, lowers overall position efficiency and can also have detrimental effects on safety for the machine and the operator.

The DYN servo drive is able to update the target position instantaneously regardless of whether the current command position has completed or not. As soon as a new command position is received, the servo drive immediately updates the servo motor target to the newest position. This technology is called Dynamic Target Position Update (DTPU).

4. DTPU Functionality
Positioning Efficiency
During motion, the DYN servo drive can update target position instantaneously. An advanced S-Curve calculation algorithm generates smooth transition motion. Without DTPU technology, the servo must first finish its current command before executing the next one, causing a delay in the overall positioning time.

System Safety
During motion, if the system detects a warning or hazard, DTPU can immediately retract the axis from danger. Motion to protect machine or personnel can be executed immediately. Without DTPU, the axis's current hazardous motion must complete before executing protection measures.

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