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Common DC Bus
1. Concept
The DYN2 servo drive is powered by a DC power supply. Multiple servo drives can be connected to share the same DC power supply, or DC bus. Drives with accelerating or rotating motors draws power, while decelerating motors regenerates power. As multiple axis are loaded on the same DC bus, overall power consumption is reduced.

Power can also be provided by a battery for remote vehicle or robot applications. Lower overall power consumption significantly increase battery life.

Wiring is also simplified and reduced by connecting each servo drive directly to the bus line. The servo drive does not need a rectifier (AC to DC converter) circuit, resulting in smaller size and lower cost. The DYN2 servo drive is the smallest physical size in the world relative to output capacity (20A).

2. Features
  • Low voltage DC input - safe, low risk of electric shock
  • Less power consumption compared to AC input drives
  • Simplified wiring
  • Flexible operating voltage (24~75VDC)
  • Small servo drive physical size

3. Application Functionality
Utilizing Regenerative Energy
Regenerative energy generated by decelerating axis can be used for driving another axis, or temporarily stored in the reservoir capacitor. Sample measurements taken for single DYN2 axis running DHT 0.75kW servo motor:

Lower Power Consumption
When one servo motor is decelerating and another is motoring, the regenerative energy from the decelerating motor can be used to provide power for the motoring axis. Example testing for a 2-axis 0.75kW motor system running synchronized acceleration/deceleration profile*1. The difference in current draw is even greater for higher torque outputs and higher number of synchronized axis*2.

Simplified Wiring / Safety
The single DC power supply feeds the main DC bus. Each servo drive draws power directly from bus. The overall footprint of high voltage lines are reduced.

Small, modular DYN2 servo drive package
The new DYN2 servo drive sets an unprecedented package size for its class, measuring just 32mm wide, 85mm tall and 75mm deep. Efficient power circuit design minimize generated heat, and also allows drive units to be mounted closer together.

Applicable Products

*1 AC Input system powered by 110VAC mains. DYN2 system powered by +48VDC power supply through 2 x 4700uF reservoir capacitor.
*2 Actual power conserved also depends on line voltage, mains circuit components, motion profile and physics of inertia load.
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