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DYN Servo Control
1. Concept
The DYN series servo drive's fundamental operation is realized by our DYN servo control theory. The fastest servo calculation process is combined with efficient and smart response. Throughout 20 years of industrial manufacturing application, the technology is constantly improved to better handle torque delivery and encoder position for smoother motion, higher accuracy and faster response.

2. Features
  • By using 16-bits absolute position feedback and the measurement of motor 3 phase currents, we can realize the real motor magnetic flux orientation control for highest efficiency, non-reactive power
  • Unique technology to realize 3 phase space vector PWM (SVPWM) switching. Combined with motor magnetic flux orientation feedback, the voltage is most efficiently applied to run motor at lowest vibration and highest speed range

3. High Level Definition
As a part of modern control theory servo design, we use a modified version of quadrature optimal control and H infinity methods. By simplifying the designed results into a unique, simple topology servo structure, we achieve an optimized servo calculation and feedback. This allows wide margin of stabilization and dynamic performance - even with large load inertia variances. The simplicity of the algorithm results in a lower number of parameters that must be set by the user in order to tune the servo. This also allows us to implement our advanced Adaptive Tuning technique.

4. Constituents In Harmony
It is a challenging task for any servo product to properly combine each component including servo control, amplifier and encoder. As soon as the system is powered on, each components must operate and communicate in perfect harmony to maintain stable operation. DMM's technical strength to self-develop and self-manufacture all these components attributes to a highly reliable and application specific servo system.

We carefully design each component relative to maximum performance and coordination. We know the exact capabilities and limitations of our products and components ,and utilize within known reliable and safe tolerances. This also allows us to introduce new features, improve performance and troubleshoot in much shorter time than conventional.

5. Response Example
Position Servo Mode - Pulse Command

  • DYN2-TL servo drive paired with 86M-DHT 0.75kW servo motor.
  • 10:1 load moment of inertia - direct coupled
  • OnPosRange=10 (~0.2deg)
  • Acceleration generated by motion controller

Position Servo Mode - DYN232M Absolute Point-to-Point Command

  • DYN2-TL servo drive paired with 86M-DHT 0.75kW servo motor.
  • 10:1 load moment of inertia - direct coupled
  • OnPosRange=10 (~0.2deg)
  • Motion profile generated internally by DYN servo drive

6. Heritage
First Introduced Year - 1995

Applicable Products

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