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DMM provides AC servo drivers and motors for industrial automation applications.  Our main field of expertise exists in providing smart and cost effective motion control systems for the manufacturing industry.  We understand the high demands of modern machines and our products are designed to achieve a level of performance that will optimize the output of each integrated machinery.
Our Products are used worldwide for many diverse applications.  Highlights of applications include:
  • FA - Assembly / Dispense / Pick+Place / Transfer
  • Machine Tooling - CNC Mill / Lathe / Router
  • Robotics - Manufacturing / Vehicle / Human Interface
  • Medical Equipment - Ventilator
  • Solar Panel Positioning
  • Concert and Movie Lighting / Camera Equipment Control
  • Home Automation

Core Technology

Robotics Example

Our Long History in automation robotics have attributed our products with technological features that make development, functionality, and movement very simple yet powerful. Our DYN-Based AC Servo robot is able to provide optimum performance while reducing developing time and cost. It's technical features include:
  • The simplest system structure
  • Simple point to point motion through drive built in S-curve
  • Simple sending communication start & end point data to drives
  • Consistent and reliable homing using ABS absolute encoder


Custom Design Profile
Please contact us regarding all custom design inquiries. Our design and engineering team can implement flexible product variations to perfectly match application purpose. Modifications to existing servo drive, servo motor or encoder products are possible.

Application Video

High Inertia Load Response Application
2015 DYN Servo System Product Line - Indexing Demo
4-Axis FA PLC Demo
Indexing Operation with 3-Axis Positioning

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